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Project Base Vision

System of management of veterinary clinic, doctor’s time management, journal visits and monitoring of animals on treatment or overexposure. Furthermore, system can monitor medicine storage and dosage calculating. Vet Clinic system can access to the knowledge database which storage animal’s diseases and methods for their treatment. Doctors can add own methods and can search needed information on internationally resources.

Project divides by two parts. Web application for clients vet clinic and web application only for doctors and other clinic employees.

The system will have of opportunity of setting up user accounts.

The base functionality the system for doctors and employees:

  • manage user accounts;
  • manage user roles;
  • manage medicines and doses calculation. Furthermore, monitor end expires in date for medicines;
  • animal medical history;
  • visits journal;
  • animals guardians;
  • lists of animal shelters, overexposure and animal farms;
  • lists of clinic rooms and equipment;
  • statistic;
  • reports;
  • base of knowledge;
  • community veterinary doctors.


The base functionality the system for clients:

  • user can find information about doctors and vet clinic history;
  • user can check medical history their animal;
  • user can check animal health status;

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